Why FileMaker Pro


Why FileMaker® 19
FileMaker® 19 is yet again a breakthrough release of the FileMaker® line of products. The most exciting new features a WebDirect and Popovers, this is a game changer creating very exciting new capabilities, call use today for more !

In previous releases of FileMaker® Pro and Advanced 7 through 19  there were 100's of new features added including multiple tables per file (up to 1,000,000), up to 8 terabytes of storage per file (up from 2 gigabytes), the new relationship graph, a new calculation and text engine, a new security model, more industry standards for communication, security, the ability to store any file type in a container field, data exchange, data to excel, screen or report to PDF, send email, smtp email, script triggers plus so much more. Perhaps the biggest reason to consider moving to FileMaker® 19 is reduced amount of development time needed to complete a project. When asked to compare development costs and timelines to SQL, Access® and Oracle®, FileMaker® 19 wins hands down. The resulting savings to the client are 40% - 70% in time and money in comparison with the other solutions and competing products. FileMaker 19 can connect and exchange data with Oracle and MySQL® for greater data management and integration to internal systems or external service provides granting access. With FileMaker 19 the ODBC connectivity has only further increased and improved and you can allow External ODBC Connections. Further the Filemaker WebDirect® is a very exciting thin client style web browser service allowing users to login to your database without needing FileMaker Pro or FMGo. We expect that WebDirect will evolve in the next version beyond the current capabilities and uses, at this time we are building many fun and exciting applications with the use of WebDirect.

Why FileMaker Go

Today every business has moble application requirements, even if you don't realize it.. the need is there. With FMGo you can take the FileMaker® application on the road using your iPhone or iPad and not need a laptop. We have intergrated and built out several Mobile apps for our clients, and the result has always been an increase in capability while in the field or even running around the office, store or site. This often means a reduction in overhead and or an increase in productivity and revenue.

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