#YYM #YYMFIRE Fort McMurray - Help

As a small gesture of help, Terra Software is providing FREE FileMaker Pro Hosting for any organization or company affected by the wildfire in the Wood Buffalo region. If you need your FileMaker database hosted to get back up and running call us or submit your information YMMFILEMAKERHELP

We will host your database for free as long as you need it during this troubled and horrible time. Once rebuilding has began we will continue to host for you until you are back up and operational.

Our prayers and thoughts go out to all affected by this disaster and we will continue to do what we can to help and make donations to the Canadian Red Cross Alberta Fires Emergency Appeal.

FileMaker 14 Hosting Special - After Devcon 20% off

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Terra Software - FileMaker 14 Hosting Now Available

FileMaker 14 hosting available, this new version offers some great new features and an even more robust server architecture subscribe today.

Note: FileMaker 11 hosting is no longer being offered as a new service, only existing FileMaker .fp7 hosting clients shall be supported.

FileMaker .fp7 (FileMaker 11) Hosting No Longer Available

As of June 3rd, 2015 Terra Software is no longer offering FileMaker 11 hosting as a new service, only existing FileMaker .fp7 hosting clients shall be supported.

Make a FileMaker Pro check box behave like a radio button

I have had this issue and being on this page you likely have it now or have had it in the past. Radio buttons are great but they actually can be a slight annoyance for some users. Especially when they want to clear out the content. Normally you just click on the field and hit delete on your keyboard, though that is far too many key strokes for our busy busy world.  So in comes check boxes but how do you get the check box to behave like a radio button ?


In your field definitions just go to the field and under options assign it an “Auto-Enter Calculation” and add GetValue(Self; ValueCount(Self)) into the calculation box. Make sure you turn off the “Do not replace existing value (if any)”, if you don’t turn it off this technique will fail.

Popover usage - December 3rd 2014

Lately we have been seeing more and more requests to utilize the "popover" feature in FileMaker 13. This functionality is great and provides a lot of opportunity to simplifiy interfaces. In combination with the "Hide Object" attribute the user experience can be dynamic and relative to the appropriate workflow for the user based on the state of the data. 

But like anything new, too much is not good and everything in moderation. We have been getting requests to use popovers in portals which regardless of FileMaker indicating this is not a proper use of popovers we have been able to resolve the issues and make it work very well. However the issue that can come up is the management of data within the portal popover. If you need to just view and edit data that is visble on the portal popover that will work just fine. Where the challenges can come is in a more complex workflow where additional windows need to come up, you cannot use a popover inside a popover and it makes sense since you could create a popover headache if you could. So the question that we and of course you should ask when applying a popover into a portal is how will the data being shown be used. If you need to drill down futher but have to keep the user in the same context you are going to be far better off using Popup Windows and apply the appropriate window modes. The popup window will give you more control and give the user a better experience.

Update 09:07 MST - Data Centre Issue 8/12/2014 06:00 MST 2


It appears data centre services are fully restored and that upstream issue at Shaw Cable is either repaired or under control.

Thank-you for your patience.

Update 08:35 MST - Data Centre Issue 8/12/2014 06:00 MST


We have just been advised by the Data Centre that the source of the issue is related to Shaw Cable Systems having a major upstream issue across Canada. This issue is affecting services and data centres across Canada and parts of the Northern United States. At this time we do not have an ETR but Shaw Cable is working to resolve the issue at there end. Anyone that does have access is going through the other pipe via Verizon.

Why two internet pipes ?

The idea is that based on geographical location and bandwidth load becoming high your service provider would automatically find an alternative and faster route to the servers. This works very well but when a national network has major issues it causes the secondary pipe to become overwhelmed, thus this morning we have this scenario occurring in Canada.

Example: Personally I am working from a location outside the data centre that uses Shaw Cable and cannot connect, however with my cell phone using Rogers I am able to connect to the data centre.

Thank-you for your patience and we will keep you posted.

Data Centre Issue 8/12/2014 06:00 MST

Our data centre provider has experienced a major issue with the dual internet backbone pipes. They have advised that something has gone wrong with one of the pipes and has caused a connectivity shutdown for the section of the grid that the data centre sits on. The support team is dealing with the issue, Version and Shaw Cable Systems are also involved and the estimated time of repair (ETR) is not yet known. At 7:35 AM MST I was advised that Verizon and Shaw Cable Systems are working with the Data Centre to resolve the connectivity problem. Some clients may still have connection while others do not. It is possible that if one of the primary internet pipes may need to be shutdown to bring services back online, if this happens you may temporarily lose connection if you are able to connect to your database at this time.

The shutdown of Verizon or the Shaw Cable Systems "Big Pipe" connection into the data centre would be temporary while the core issue is repaired. This action could possibly mean a temporary slow down in speed experience for some users.

As soon as we have been advised of the temporary fix you will receive an update. In addition you will receive further updates with any additional changes or notice of final repair.


Stop the popup and go with the Popover in FileMaker 13 and Filemaker 13 Go. Popup windows have been great in the past and still have a workflow time and place, the new Popover in FileMaker 13 and Go 13 are a great way to signicantly reduce Popup window burden when you all you need is a short quick view of some deeper data.

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